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Hey, guys. Attention please. I have no idea how much you know about Australian, whether you like travelling or not, are you interested in shopping. If you do, Australian must be a good choice for you, because it is one of the most popular shopping paradises all over the world. Now, let’s join in the shopping carnival in Australian.
First of all, I’ll introduce some of the most unique goods you shouldn’t miss.
1. There are lots of pure natural essence cosmetics. Women must be crazy about purchasing these. Even if your skin is sensitive, you may also find one product which suits you. Because the essence is extracted from all kinds of trees which are planted in a natural way, so these cosmetics don’t contain so much chemical substances.
2. If you want to buy some souvenirs for your family, your friends, or just for yourself, don’t forget to go to the handcraft market where you can see numerous unique Australian handcrafts with prominent local characteristics. You must be amazed at the delicate clockwork, the chic colorful glass, the original woodcarving and the sophisticated painting. During the process, you can also learn more about the Australian folk culture.
3. The precious jewelry and metal also attract thousands of visitors every year. Pearl, gold, diamond, jade, everything you want, there are. Opal is the most unique one which can only be found in Australian. All of these are expensive, so if you plan to buy, you must prepare a bunch of money.
4. The Bush is a special clothing style designed by the excellent Australian designers. It evolves from the unique Australian pastoral. The woolen sweater is the hottest product due to its wonderful workmanship. What’s more, if you want to buy the clothing which seems out of season in Australian, don’t hesitate, because its season is contrary to China.

Then I’ll introduce some famous shopping centers in Australia.
1. Pitt Street Mall is not only the best-known high-grade shopping mall in Australia, but also one of the most world-famous places for shoppers’ pilgrimage. Here, you can see all of the top-brand commodities and luxuries,