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The Knight is one of the most honorable and well-respected characters in The Prologue. He is described as a “most distinguished man” who is “worthy” of high status” (4). The Knight is a character that follows “chivalry, truth, honour, generousness and courtesy” (4). During his life the Knight fought many battles throughout the Crusades. He traveled all over the world and battled in Alexandria, Prussia, Granada, and Anatolia. Not only did the Knight take Alexandria, but he also sat in the highest chair above all other nations in Prussia. Also the Knight is a strong believer in Christianity and is honored for his great and noble graces. There was “no Christian man so often, of his rank” (4). Chaucer also describes the Knight as having “done nobly in his sovereign’s war” (4). Additionally Chaucer commends the Knight for his courage to preserve Christianity. The Knight has extensive equipment, including fine horses, but he was not “gaily dressed” (5). The Knight wears “a fustian tunic stained an dark with smudges where his armor had left mark” (5). The Knight conducts himself in a polite and mild fashion, and never said an unkind word about anyone. Overall the Knight is a courageous and noble character who Chaucer believes is a perfect knight.

The Squire is a character who is first described by his overwhelming beauty. He is described as a “lover and cadet, a lad of fire” (5). The Squire grooms and dresses himself carefully thus his curly hair always