High School and Brother Essay

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Life always challenges us, whether it’s in work, family, or social life there are always those choice we are faced with that can change our lives forever. This occurrence happened to my brother in high school, no one noticed until further down the road but non the less he was still forced to conform to the society he was growing up in.
Growing up my big brother, Pat, was my hero. He was the all star on his high school state championship team, whose quarterback was Carson Palmer, and he seemed to be getting into immense shape. My brother was at the top of his game going into college, he did choose to not continue football in college and focus on his studies, we saw drastic change in him after this point. His freshman year of college he started to pack on a lot of weight, and we thought that was probably the normal ‘freshman 15’ but that was not the case. Going into his freshman year of college my brother was 6’3 and solid 220lbs of muscle. At the end of his freshman year he was going closer to 260lbs and little muscle. He worked out as he could and ate right, we didn’t know what was causing this effect, and little did we know it was from high school. My brother transferred to Santa Margarita Catholic High School his sophomore when we moved back to California. He played on varsity his freshman year in Michigan, but it wasn’t nearly as intense as it was in California. On the first day of tryouts Coach Simon, was impressed by my brother but told him that he would not a spot on varsity or any team if he didn’t pack on some weight, my brother was 180lb. My brother hit the weight room and tried his hardest to put on the weight but he couldn’t, Simon loved him so much and wanted him to play for him so badly that he put him on supplements that are now band in all athletic sports. My brother quickly changed and gained weight fast, that’s how he got to 220lb. We thought this was normal of course because he was doing so well in football we though that was normal to do. This choice of his to take these steroids was the biggest mistake he has made. My brother has to