High School Students Dropping Out Of The United States Drop Out

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It is quiet clear these days that high school students in the United States drop out for various reasons like unexpected pregnancies, financial difficulties, no parental support and just plainly lack of interest in school. These issues can honestly be handled or at least taken to a step in the right direction only if the United States federal government focused more on the issue, by applying rules that would be followed by everyone needed in order for students to not dropout. I truly believe that high school students can graduate instead of dropping out, this is because all parts cannot be played by the student in order for him or her to progress further academically. It all falls back on the teachers and staff members of the school to show support to their students, even though there are signs that the student might drop out and also the parents too play a significant role in their child’s life by showing additional support, being the benefactor of the family so the child worry’s about nothing but his studies. But my intentions towards this issue covers a greater range on students dropping out, which leads to “the federal government should educate states on the benefits of high-school graduation and encourage legislative action to increase the minimum age at which students are legally allowed to drop out of high school to 18 years” (Messacar). I have always found parents to be one huge factor towards a student being successful, because I believe the motivation, determination and training all start from home, which then gives the student a sense of what kind of path of success to take in order to graduate high school. “Parents also need to be actively involved through all levels of schooling. Although many parents become more involved on learning that their child is considering leaving school, they are often not aware of their child's poor performance until it is too late. When school administrators and educators communicate more regularly with parents regarding their children's performance, they provide a means for parents to take a more active role” (Messacar). Without the support from parents students tend to also not care and not take school as serious, so it curtails the chances of the student in staying in school any longer because he or she then now feels there is no purpose whatsoever, and the importance of going to school diminishes from the students mind. Furthermore, students also tend to want to be what their parents are, as of job wise tending to try and follow their footsteps or find their own, but most likely they would want to become as their parents. Another reasons that has a huge involvement as why high school students drop out would have to be teachers not doing their jobs. “Many kids who drop out say that school was boring and teachers did little to connect learning to real life. They didn’t feel invested in their school and they didn’t feel that adults seemed interested in them or their high school experience” (Convissor). Some teachers may not know it but they play a huge role for all the students they teach in their various classes and they most definitely impact these high school student’s lives. I also was able to conduct interviews on 5 different college students and all of them had an idea of the high school drop out issue or knew of someone who dropped out. When I interviewed students on campus on the issue of high school dropouts, it seems that most them think there is an increasing rate of high school dropouts. They also said the main reasons that students dropped out were teen pregnancy, students giving up on their schoolwork because of lack of support and lastly said family issues. Most people I interviewed believed that females are the most dropping out because of getting pregnant at an early age. This helps me understand my topic more because it shows that society has a vague idea on the issue, but can relate to the issue because they all know of one or two people that dropped