Higher Education: Is It Worth the Cost Essay

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Higher Education: Is It worth the Cost
Margit Brackin
Athens State University


Studies show that students who get a college education attain a larger range of benefits, including higher wages. Likewise society derives benefits from the citizens who have access to college education. There is the societal benefit of more taxes being paid in to the government. Also a benefit to society is the fact that there are fewer persons incarcerated that have a college degree. The unequal rates of involvement in college education among different sectors of the United States society should be a concern to both individuals and government officials at all levels of the government.

Higher Education: Is It worth the Cost Benefits from
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Stories are told about students who take out large student loans only to realize that they are unprepared to finish their education or they graduate and can not find a suitable job. It is no real surprise to hear these kinds of stories; it does happen. (Baum, Ma, Payea, 2010). All too often, it is this type of story that is being used to express the idea that the costs of a college education overshadow the benefits. For most graduates this is not the case. A more factual story is even though 14 percent of those with only a high school education earned as much if not more than the middle earnings of those with a four-year degree, 86 percent earned less. Of course about 20 percent of those with a four-year degree are paid about $39,000 per year, which is the median pay for those with a high school degree. The fact is college graduates on the average will have a higher earning potential and are more apt to be employed than persons with less education. (Baum, Ma, Payea, 2010). Logic tells us that a college graduate will give more to the public funds than others and that they will also put in more in other ways to society. Also college graduates are less likely to have to be supported by society. This specific piece of information can raise the perception of how a college education can help society. There are also benefits to society. The governments, on all levels, obtain higher tax revenues from university