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Is Higher education worth it? With most of the well-paying jobs requiring at least a bachelor’s degree people begin to wonder if Higher education is the right path or if it is worth it. Higher education however is definitely not worth the price. This is due to the fact that the cost of getting college and other higher institutions is high which in turn usually leaves the student and their families in debt which may take years to pay, giving them a heavy burden. Also jobs with good pay might not be easy to get after graduation due to competition from other graduates from higher institutions and even those lucky enough to get the jobs end up using part of their salary to pay off the debt. Lastly, Universities and other higher institutions have been spending more than they have resulting in many of them being in debt and increasing the fees students have to pay. The points given will now be further explained in detail. Firstly, it is no secret that Higher education is expensive and in fact people naturally assume it is so, but people don’t see the near future and look further ahead seeing a better life because of what the education provides. This is true, the value of education in society today is high as it provides graduates with a higher chance of employment. However, as said by Glenn Harlan Reynolds in his article “Not worth the debt”, today the value of an education isn’t going up but the price is. This is where the problem lies. Higher education is so expensive that even with the student loans students may end up dropping out due to unforeseen circumstances, such as the breadwinner of the family losing their job or the company they work in going bankrupt. This puts a lot of stress on the family both mentally and physically. Now for those who are lucky enough to get past the first hurdle and are actually able to pay with scholarships or can actually afford it face the next problem; competition. While it may be true that higher education gets you the knowledge you need and gives you a higher chance at getting a job, it is most definitely a fact that you are not the only one who has acquired that knowledge and is aiming for that job. The number of students in a single college can vary from five thousand (give or take) to fifty thousand or more and multiplied by over four hundred higher institutions in America, not to mention the immigrants, it is a no brainer that there are not enough job vacancies to make everyone who graduates content. Therefore there will most definitely be a number of them left unemployed and most of them in heavy debt. For those graduates who even managed to find jobs it most certainly did not come easy and may have taken a lot of time due to the fact that another candidate for the job might have come from a higher institution more prestigious or well-known than the others. Also in the Telegraph, an article written by Louisa Peacock titled “Competition for jobs reaches record