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1. The civilian conservation corps (CCC) 2. Isolationism-refused to take sides. 3. Great Britain, Canada, France and United States. 4. Temporary, helping their family 5. It made it work 6. Spanish blew up the ship Maine, burned Cuban towns, “yellow journalism”, Letter 7. Domestic Affairs 8. Patriotism, Recruiting, Dfrating-1917 selective service act 9. Idk 10. Training and opportunities unavailable in the civilian, American mainstream 11. Bank holiday, congress passed the emergency banking act to restore public confidence in banking system 12. D-day Beginning end of the WW2 13. To promote help 14. Nixon began heavy bombing in north Vietnam and Cambodia 15. Mistrust in Vietnam, and Watergate 16. Soviet collapse, George h.w. bush, Reagan 17. Truman doctrine- Kennan telegram 18. U.S. manufacturing productivity, domestic consumerism increased 19. Nuclear deterrence 20. Natural phenomena such as drought and wind-60 years of intensive grazing and farming blew soil away. 21. Increased consumer and business spending and an increase in gov. expenditures, health care, education and military. 22. G.I. Bill 23. Offering Britain direct military aid through the lend-lease program 24. Increase in defense 25. Woodstock 26. Cease fire 27. His lack of evidence 28. Warsaw pact binding soviet satellite-alliance against west. 29. Developed around the country offering mass produced cookie-cutter housing and affordable 30. Domestic and motherly 31. Rebellion 32. Dominant three 33. Separate but equal doctrine in public education 34. Private solutions to public problems by fostering voluntary cooperation within business community 35. Barred discrimination in public accommodations fedarl gov, desegregate schools, and out law discrimination. 36. Evangelist 37. Welfare, education, immigration 38. Consumer spending by putting money in hand of people 39. They were non violent protest 40. Body counts 41. Coordinated strategy, u.s. industry, human resources in soviet union 42. To look superior over other countries 43. Americans won the battles-military standpoint convince people they were winning-political defeat 44. End American involvement in the war and turning control of the war to south Vietnam 45. Immediately Iranian hostage crisis resolved “supply side economics”-regulation of energy reduced environmental regulation. 46. Détente 47. Advisor on domestic policy, foreign policy 48. Gave Johnson a blank check in charge of the war congressional authority 49. Work-employment 50. Panama, gulf war- quaik, Iraq 51. Recovery to build European economies 52. Timber, steel and agriculture 53. Telephone, light bulb, type writer, power grid, Bessemer