History: World War Ii and British Mandate Essay

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The 14 May 1948 saw a page turned in the history of not only Palestine, Israel and the Middle East but also, the world. The Creation of the State of Israel had and continues to have both positive and negative impacts upon people (groups and individual) and also, upon other states and international countries. It is said that the real cause of the Creation of Israel was that of the Holocaust and the Second World War. However it is also argued that events and documents dating back to the British Mandate of Palestine in 1920. As conflict in the region increased, it seemed the British were unable to handle the rising tensions so passed the matter over to the United Nations whose special committee (UNSCOP) saw there was enough evidence to create an independent Jewish State in Palestine. 14 May 1948, the Creation of Israel was proclaimed and the day after, war broke out. However, this was not the only consequence as hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees were caught in the new state. They were in a new country, and to make matters worse, many were homeless with little or no possessions. There were also heavy impacts on other neighbouring states. Today, conflict still rages on resulting in extreme terror and violence.

Key Idea: Historical Promises to the Jewish Created Aspirations when forming the new State of Israel

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 heavily contradicted the agreements between the British and King of Saudi Arabia, Amir Hussein and also countered the secret agreements between British and French diplomats Mark Sykes and George Picot. The Balfour Declaration was a letter written by British Secretary of State Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild, head of arguably the most powerful and influential Jewish families at the time. The letter stated that the British Government gave its full support to the Creation of a Jewish homeland in

The Arabs were not consulted in this agreement, which angered many especially to the land promises made in the two different agreements before the Balfour Declaration.

The main reason for the declaration was to gain the support of the six million Jews living in Russia, Germany and the United States. All of this combined support would have major positive impacts for the British and their war effort. As well as the declaration gaining Jewish support, the letter was considered by the British as a legitimate way for them to lay claim to Palestine without formally announcing or taking control over the Arab State. This was a smart move as it granted the British access to the oil pipeline from Iraq to Haifa and other British colonies such as India.

Key Idea: A Cause if the Creation of Israel was the Establishment and Conduct of the British Mandate in Palestine

Post World War I saw the San Remo Conference. This conference saw the gathering of the WWI Supreme Allied Council in Italy. At the conference, the Balfour Declaration was adopted by the League of Nations (along with other documents) upon which the British Mandate of Palestine was constructed. The mandate saw Britain receive Palestine and Iraq while Syria