Hitler: Life Adolf Hitler Essay

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Hitler's Early Life
Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in 1889. In his childhood important events occurred since his father was retired and was pensioned for the Austrian civil service. This meant that his father had more time to spend at home. His father was a man with a hard discipline. His father was used to giving order to everyone and he adapted his way with Hitler and his siblings. When he was a teenager he had a dream of being artist someday, however, his father wanted his son was like him, so he entered the young Hitler to technical high school. He was very unhappy and lonely but this is when his life began to lean toward the political. At the time 1930, The Nazis in order to win votes, they convinced small farmers’ town to vote in favor of them like this The Nazy Party started getting stronger, especially with the support from lower middle class. In 1932 Hitler was running for president but did not win. The actual president dies in august 1934 therefore Hitler become his successor. He started making changes and improving the economy but at the same time he started to solidify as a didactor and eradicating all parties group in Germany. Hitler before moving to German, he grew up with the ideas of Austrian right-wings and the propanga into Germany. This was his basic political ideal mainly focus on race. Hitler's ideology political was that Germanys were superior and the other races were inferior; especially Jews and Blacks.
The Nazy didactorship of Hitler was during