Essay about Homosexual Rights

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Adam and Steve vs. Adam and Eve
In America, an epidemic has exploded; people have begun to believe it is okay to bully to the point that homosexual’s attempt to commit suicide. The government has not done enough for the homosexuals to be comfortable in their own skin, and in their own country. Not only are they discriminated against by people in school, or at their work place, but also by their own government. This can be explained simply, the government views homosexuals as a threat to marriage. Wasn’t marriage ruined a long time ago, through divorce and affairs? If everyone could accept homosexuals for who they are, heterosexuals would realize that everyone is the same. Through research, the facts of homosexual suicide, discrimination and bulling, and above all else the struggles of being accepted in all environments are revealed.
Several groups, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, have done studies on the rate of teenage homosexual suicide or suicide attempts. In the study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics, their experimental group consisted of 137 males between the ages of 14 and 21. All of the subjects lived in the Upper Midwest and Pacific Northwest, so all the environment conditions are the same. Of the 137 males, 41 (30%) of them reported suicidal attempts. 21% of the suicidal attempts resulted in being admitted in a medical or psychiatric hospital (Remafedi). Homosexuals feel so out of place, sometimes they are just pushed over the edge. In a series of three studies the scientist found that homosexual men and women are two to seven times more likely to commit suicide than the heterosexual comparison group. According to Durkheim, a scientist involved in the study, groups of people with a low social status or groups of people who are denied the opportunity to be “normal” are the ones who are at the most risk of alienation and suicidal attempts unless they are protected (Saunders). There was a community created in response to the bullying of homosexuals, and bisexuals. This community is known as LGBT, which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Inside of this community the members have the opportunity to speak up about their bullying and try for changes in how they are treated. In a study done on the LGBT community individuals who were bullied were at a much higher risk of mental disorders, the misuse of substances (such as alcohol or drugs), purposeful self-harm, and above all else suicidal tendencies (King). Granted, anyone who is bullied can shut themselves down and become the same way. But being part of the LGBT community you are targeted more, and have less of a chance of being able to open up and talk about how you are feeling. This will eventually lead you to honestly believe you have nowhere to turn except alcohol and drug abuse, self-harm, or suicide. In states that have banned gay marriage, members of the LGBT community are 36.6% more likely to develop any mood disorder, 248.2% more likely to develop anxiety disorders, 41.9% more likely to develop an alcohol use disorder, and 36.3% more likely to develop psychiatric comorbidity (Hatzenbuehler). When homosexuals feel the pressure of not being able to do what heterosexuals are allowed they are pushing themselves into disorders that mess with their mental state.
In many instances lesbians and gay men are discriminated against in the work place, school, and by many people who know about their sexual orientation. Usually women discriminated less than men; women hold the same opinions toward both gay men and lesbians while men discriminate more based upon the gender of the person. Many heterosexual opinions of gay people are based on their surrounding political views, personal sexuality, and gender identity (Herek, Sexual Prejudice). When someone has a Mayor or Senator who is against the homosexual rights, the people who follow him will be influenced to also be against homosexuals. But if someone