Honda Social Media Strategy

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The Approach

Honda has developed a strong social media strategy, and is using Salesforce Marketing Cloud to ensure that social is at the core of their European organization. They have implemented a social solution that focuses on several key areas – bringing data closer to different divisions, improving communications and relationships with their customers, and ensuring they have a seamless workflow between team members, departments as well as across countries. To do that, Honda employed local community managers in several European countries. They are now working for the benefit of all departments and increase interaction and cooperation especially between the Marketing, PR, and Customer Service teams.

The community managers are using Marketing Cloud to monitor and interact with thousands of people who mention the brand online every month and distribute these social posts to the right stakeholders within the organization. Marketing Cloud analysts support the team for the data evaluation and the creation of extensive reports. Additionally, the community team uses Salesforce Chatter to connect with the various team members in the countries quickly and more seamlessly. They have established a Chatter group where they can discuss the best approach for any queries they receive on various social media channels.

The Results

Honda has been moving quickly with their social strategy and has seen great results in just a few months. Now that the various teams and departments