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or informative articles, engaging interviews and wonderful pictures ...

Every Child magazine puts the spotlight on the early years of childhood.

Published quarterly and beautifully designed in full-colour, it contains informative articles on such issues as health, education and social trends, and also book reviews, profiles and guest statements from well-known identities. Articles focus on aspects of early childhood from a grassroots, local level, but also look into political and national developments.

Aimed at anyone involved in the care and education of young children, Every Child is topical, diverse, but always entertaining.reativity and storytelling, all while bonding with their pet. If no brothers or sisters are at home, a pet is a perfect companion to read to! Pets will also help calm fears at night time when your child feels lonely.

Responsibility is Taught
Caring for an animal teaches kids responsibility. Teaching young children how to refill the water and food bowls, or let the dog out in the back yard, can help them feel like a valued and important part of the family. It will help your child to be a good pet owner, and someday a good parent. With assistance, let your child try to train your dog or even your cat. Basic commands like Sit or Speak will help your child gain confidence (and it’s fun to give treats to the pets during the training process). As a parent, it is fun to watch kids and pets interact. Children and animals usually have connections that will surprise you. Committing to an animal is a lifelong bond. After growing up with an pet, your child will Health Benefits
Children who grow up with pets have less risk of allergies and asthma, studies have shown. Studies have also shown that pets relieve stress. If your kids are stressed with schoolwork, friends, or other activities, playing with their