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i dont know i just want to read. Seeing the Real Stone Soup Family is looked at as the most important thing, they are the rock or in this case your stone. “ Families change and remain the same.” It might pull a different change of direction but they will always be there. “Stone Soup’” written by Barbara Kingsolver is pointing out the obvious. Society has been bashing way to long on divorces, remarriage, single parents, blended families, and gay parents. By expressing her frustrations and her ability to reveal the thoughts Kingsolver makes this essay stand out on its own. Kingsolver puts her own feel into the essay and achieves the goal to what no other author would dare to think about, “But it's harder somehow to shrug off the Family-of-Dolls Family Values crew when they judge (from their safe distance) that divorced people, blended families, gay families and single parents are failures. That our children are at risk, and the whole arrangement is messy and embarrassing.” Judge; a good word choice that Kingsolver uses to contrast the true outcome of a divorce and the outside world. It brings the focus to the readers eyes to share the feeling of that struggle, the connection she brings with words such as “ lazy, selfish, tremble, ignorance, violence, and humiliation,” each adjective shows the negative reaction she is trying to perform.

Kingsolver reveals a personal reaction by exposing her own feelings into the writing by implying that society divorced families and blended families are “broken” or “failed” (2). In the beginning of the essay she talks about a boy scoring a goal and looking to his mixed