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1) Advertisement from Bloomberg magazine 2) Advertisement from San Francisco chronicle

Advertisement from Bloomberg magazine
I like the add from Bloomberg magazine, it is simple and presize and direct towards a particular audience and it shows what advantages they can have with the verisen service, 1) It has a big picture of a smart phone and tablet 2) The picture of the phone has office 365 and outlook display in it 3) The tablet shows the chart and tables. 4) It has a description below mention all the services provided by verision 365 office. 5) It says Verision has power of on the go office access.

I like the add which is precise and cover all the information needed know by the customer, it is attractive and well use of space it not only have the picture but also have the details of the product.
1) Age 20 to 35 2) Male and female 3) Middle income and high income 4) Individual, small Business owner ,small business enterprice
1) High class life style individuals, 2) People with busy life style 3) People who travel lot( exp marketing team)

Maslow hierarchy of needs:-
Esteem: self esteem, confident, achievement, respect of others and respect by others.

II Advertisement from San Francisco chronicle
This advertisement publish in San Francisco chronicle, it is on page log advertisement which has only two phones displays it does not contain lot off information