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[pic] ----Individual Novel Project


1. SETTING Hotel For Dogs is a funny novel in which took place in the center of city where Andi and Bruce lived. The story happended when Andi was a middle school student. We can easily know that this story was talked about a hotel for dogs, so many interesting incidents happended in the hotel.

2. BIOGRAPHY The novel was writtern by Lois Duncan,who modelled t characters of Andi after her childhood self .She’s the author of fifty books, such as News for dog, A gift of magic, and Summer of fear. Most of her book was written for young kids. Her suspense novels have received young readers’ awards in sixteen states and three foriengn countries, and received the Margarent A. Edward in 1992. And there’s a same name movie based on her this novel.

3. PLOT SUMMARY The whole story began after Andi’s family moved into Aunt alice’s house .Because of some unknown reason, Andi’s family left their family and stayed in Aunt’s home. Andi loved dogs and she kept a dog naebe named Bebe before she came here, but she can’t take it to her house because her aunt was terribly allergic to dogs,even dog’s hair will makes her snezze.Once she found a homeless dog on the way. She’s so kind that took it to aunt’s house and kept it upstairs .But her brother Bruce knew that quickly. Andi entreated him to keep this secret and he did as she wished. After several days ,he found an old hotel,where had yome dogs stayed already. He discussed him Andi and they decided to put their dog together in this hotel. And Andi named that dog “Friday”.They took care of those dogs during their spare time and never told their family.They had a neighbour called Jerry ,who wasn’t good at training dogs. Once his dog ran away and Andi kept it.Then they kept more and more homeless dogs. It was really hard for them to run this dog hotel,but they never gave up. Somgetimes they earned money by themselves.After that ,some of their friends knew thire events and helped them to run this hotel together .Things all went like this for a long time, but one day, everything changed.Her mother asked Andi go with her to look a new house. Thing was interesting that the “house” was that “hotel ” they ran .So, everyting turned out after they looked at that “house”. But it’s not so bad because their family allowed them keeping some of those dogs.And their friends kept the rest of dogs.

4. CHARACTER OUTLINES The main characters in this story are Andi and her brother Bruce. Andi was a lovely girl who loved dogs and ran the hotel of dogs.Bruce helped Andi take care of dogs and ran the hotel of dogs.Bruce helped Andi take care of dogs and ran that hotel . They are both kind and smart .Aunt Alice was not bad woman ,but she hated udogs because she was allergic to dogs. Jerry was their neighbour, who lived in a nice house and always organized activities after school .He has a dog named Red Rover ,which ran away because he didn’t know how to train dogs.There were some friends of Andi and Bruce like Debbie and Tim, who helped them take care of dogs. And Mr.Walker and Mrs.Walker ,not play an impotant part in this story.

5. CONFLICT The main conflict in this novel was Aunt Alice didn’t allow them keeping dogs at home. But Andi really missed her dog Bebe and she kept a homeless dog “Friday” with the help of Bruce . They ran a hotel afterwards, but they can’t tell their family. So, they solved lots of problems all by themselves.

6. THEME The main idea of this novel was love. Not the love between person to person ,but person to dogs. Andi and Bruce didn’t care about their family, ran a dog hotel by themselves and took good care of dogs. They saved many homeless