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The two disadvantages of social media are that your posts are tracked, and social media is a time waster. When you are on social media and you post a picture or words, being naive or funny, and then you realize what you have done and delete the posts, you do not realize that your posts leave foot prints on the internet, and they could be found or saved to someone else’s computer. In person your words can not be heard by everyone, but if you post something on a social media site everyone can hear you loud and clear. Some people may take your posts the wrong way and use them maliciously against you. Social media is an absolute time waster. In this age people become so distracted by social media that they are torn between their everyday life, and then their social media life. It is hard to break free from the chains of social media, and some people can become addicted to it.
The two advantages of social media are marketing your business, and communicating with family and friends who live near or far. Social media has become a huge success for small business’s that are starting up. If someone wants to build a business they usually start on a social media page to bring it to life. On social media you can attract so many people to your page, and they can share your page and rave about how fantastic your business is which other people will come to see, and then you bring in more costumers without doing much work. You can also communicate with your customers which makes them feel good about themselves and the product. Social media is known for