How Did James Madison Contribute To The Constitution

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James Madison played one of the largest roles in our constitution's ratification among the 13 colonies in the late 1780’s. One of his biggest contributions was a series of written essays published throughout newspapers across the colonies, mainly spread through the New York colony. James Madison had major contributions to the ratification of the Constitution. At the Constitutional Convention he was the chief recorder and primarily responsible for the documentation of said Constitution; his role in the Constitution is highly respected amongst the American people today. However, what exactly did James Madison do for the American government other than note taking? Some form of government structure would have been written and signed eventually; as we needed a strong central government. Therefore a constitution would have been established with or without him. However, it would not have been as strong or as successful without the advantageous lawmaking ideas Madison contributed to the making of the Constitution. James Madison, born April 16-17, 1751, was raised Episcopalian. When James Madison turned eighteen, he went on to attend the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University), unlike most people, who went overseas for college education in fields like law or medicine. (4) It was uncommon for Virginians to attend a more …show more content…
Madison joined Alexander Hamilton and John Jay in writing The Federalist papers, with the objective of persuading the colonies. Madison promised that Constitution protected the state's right and the rights of the individual, which was a major conflict in ratifying the constitution. Many people feared that the constitution would limit the power of the states and give power to a central government that abused power, like the regime the colonies had just left of Great