How Did the Stalemate End? Essay

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How Did The Stalemate End?

The stalemate came about at Christmas 1914 along the Western Front. From there the different countries fought each other in different battles and tried to outflank the other. By March 1918 the stalemate was broken. In this question I will explain why the war ended and why Germany was finally beaten.

New Technology like the Tank

New technology was very important for the reason in which the stalemate on the western front was broken.

The idea of tanks was brought up during the war but unfortunately this idea was rejected. It wasn’t until September 1916 that the first war tank was made by the British as a sort of mobilised pillbox with caterpillar tracks that could advance forward under withering machine
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The British Blockade of Germany

The main work of the British navy was in mounting a blockade to prevent ships taking goods to German ports. The British could stop German ships from getting out into the ship. Ships sailed neutral countries to search in case of carrying supplies for Germany. The aim was to cut off supplies such as food and materials to weaken the Germans. In 1916 the blockade resulted in serious food riots in a number of towns in Germany. They called it the turnip winter which was all that was available for them to eat. German industry started to run out of fuels for explosives as well has other supplies. By 1918 Germans we starving and there was mutiny in the German navy.

The British Blockade was very effective because the German didn’t get food for a very long time which weaken the soliders and gradually stopped. The Germans may they an blockade us but it would be a very hard job because we have a very big coastal line so if they did they would not be able to block everything; unlike German which as a small costal line were easy to block and controlled.

The German Offensive of March 1918

General Lundenroff was in charge of the last great offensive in March 1918. He planned to break the stalemate. Instead of an over the top attack he went in small groups of “Stormtroopers” to attack all the way along the front line; it was a success. The Germans broke through the lines the lines and drove the allies back