How Has The Mass Media Changed The American Culture?

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Mass Media
Tielman, Hailey
December 4, 2017
Allyson Wells

Mass Media
There have been many major developments in the media over the century. For one we are able to facetime one another, the amazing thing about it is that you could be in a completely different state or country. So many people have met each other over the internet and facetime, later on they actually meet each other and get into relationships. Our devices we use to go onto the internet has changed so that has allowed us to somewhat change and make our internet more advanced on how we do things. You could watch the news, and football games anywhere you go. Snapchat is something a lot of people have and are very interested in, you could put filters over your face or make videos you could only see two times then it is gone, unless you save it.
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People are now more attached to their phones and you are able to see what everybody is doing in their lives everyday. You are also able to be more connected with the world by seeing what is going on in a different state. You will see videos that have been shared about a hurricane or a tsunami, the amazing thing about this is that once people see what is going on they want to help. That’s when someone makes a page or pages to help fund money to those states that are in need. We are all connected and want to help each other in the worst of times. Without the internet or social media things would be different and we would have the support we do