How Is John Proctor Stubborn In The Crucible

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John Proctor and I “How do you call heaven! Whore! Whore!” Said by John Proctor, he was calling out Abigail Williams because he knew he was losing for they were pretending. John Proctor and I compare in some qualities that we share for one he is very stubborn, hard working, and an outcast. John Proctor is in his mid thirties. He is a hard worker that doesn’t fully accept church because he hates the pastor Reverend Parris. He chooses instead to plow his fields on Sunday to feed his family. Both me and John Proctor show our stubbornness in different ways. As in I am very stubborn, by not letting people walk all over me. I hold my ground just like John Proctor did in The Crucible. John Proctor doesn’t go to church because he disagrees with the pastor, all the pastor does is say the same thing over and over. “You will burn in hell if you do not love God” or “Do not do this or that or you will go and burn in hell for eternity.” It is pointless, he would rather work in his fields to bring in more money for his family. I do not like taking no for an answer just like John would not give up when he was trying his hardest to save his wife from being …show more content…
I usually tend to stay away from people no matter where I go, I do not enjoy human interaction. John Proctor is an outcast because he refuses to go to church on Sunday, he does not like the priest and thinks it unnecessary and complete hogwash. I refused to go to church because I believed that there being a celestial being who created everything was a little far fetched seeing how they have absolutely no evidence except for a bible that they wrote. I would constantly be told I was going to hell for what i questioned in the church when I was forced to go and my views wouldn’t change about God. John Proctor is a man that will not admit defeat and tries to stay away from nonsense. I am always not willing to admit defeat and so I stay away from