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Chanvir Gill
Mr. Austin
RCR 1O0 (ENG 2D0)
5 March 2015
The Footprint to Success Nothing can be more frustrating than not knowing how to use YouTube. YouTube is a website that is used worldwide. It has more than one million users and has over three billion viewers per day. It is beneficial for everyone to know how to use YouTube for many reason like watching movies, making your own playlist, and downloading music and movies. I am qualified to give expert advice on how to make a YouTube account, how to create a playlist and how to upload videos. I am capable to give this advice because I am a young teen who is on YouTube most of the day. There was a time I did not know how to use YouTube and it was really frustrating, but with the help of friends I now know how to use it, and I am skilled to tell and help of someone that needs help using YouTube. Everybody has a field their good in, or not so good in. Maybe using YouTube is not something your good at, but do not worry, by the end of this essay you will become an expert as well. To use YouTube efficiently you need to make a YouTube account. Making a YouTube account is the simplest thing to do. The first thing you need to do is open your internet browser, on the top where it says URL type Once you are on YouTube click sign in, then click create an account. Fill in all the information required. Next it shows you some terms and conditions read them and either click agree or disagree. If you agreed to the terms and conditions, click get started, if you clicked disagree close your browser. Your account is now made and ready to use. Now that you have made a YouTube account you are ready for the complicated steps. First of all sign into your YouTube account. Then click watch later, located on the top of the page, depending on your browser it might me located somewhere else. Next click playlist on the top of the page, then click. Once you are on the playlist page, title your playlist, and then choose if you want the playlist private, public or unlisted, then click create, Now that you created your playlist you might be wondering how to add videos to it, but do not worry this step is also very easy. First you click playlist, then click add videos on the right side of the page. Now a search box pops up, search the video you want to add,