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Final Cheer Lyrics
Intro (To Celebration)
Celebrate! Good times! C'mon!
Do do do do do do do do
Celebrate! Grade 8s! C'mon!
Do do do do do do do do
Celebrate! Good times! C'mon!
Do do do do do do do do

There's a party going on right here.
The celebration, the laughter and the cheers.
If it’s a good time,
We’ll bring it to you
We're gonna celebrate and win this thing too.
Let's go now. Branksome nation,
From the Mid-div to the PAC
Branksome nation,
From North America to Asia and back.

(To Beauty and a Beat)
Bring it on, grade eights are gonna bring it on (eh eh eh)
Spirit we got, No other grade could have ever brought (eh eh eh)

We have been partying since 1999
We wanna bring it cuz grade eights are next in line
We’ll be freshman next year, but mid divs for tonight.
High school were comin for ya, were comin for ya

Cause all we need
Is for grade eight to succeed
And have all our work complete
Ya, we know what to do
When we break our fujitsu
IT will be there for you

(To we got the beat)
See us girls walking down the halls
To Timberlane from Niagara Falls
When they see us there all in shock
Cuz grade eight girls know how to rock We got the beat
We got the beat
We've got IB
We got the beat See us kids rockin' in school
They know to learn you gotta be cool
We wanna win and we wanna fight
And we're rockin' in time

We got the beat
We're smart and sweet
You'll face defeat. Yeah!
We got the beat
(To Pumped