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Monica Brown
Nicolas Bowden
English 111-4142
September 8, 2012
How To Plan For A Hot Date You have finally got the opportunity to go out with a person you been dreaming about going out with, every since the first time you laid eyes on them. Now you have a lot of planning to do to make sure it goes successful. It takes a lot to get ready for a date so here are a few steps to help you get ready for a remarkable hot date. First, you would need to take time out and examine yourself. The materials you need for this step a pen and a piece of paper. Set aside time to think about your past relationships and dating situations, a couple days before your date. Make two columns and write down the good memories in one column and the bad ones in the other. After you have done that take time to read over your list. The main reason for doing this is to pay attention the bad memories, and pay attention to why they were bad memories. And if they were your fault, what could you have done to make the outcome different. This step will help you identify the patterns that you should not bring into this present relationship. Choose an outfit ahead of time. And don’t just have one; pick out a back up outfit. Make sure you know where you are going on the date, so your outfit will be appropriate for the occasion. Your outfit should expose your favorite body features, but also make sure your comfortable. Ladies your outfit should not show much of your goodies, just enough to be a teaser. Also, make sure your clothes and clean and in good condition. You do not want to go on a date with someone, and the first thing they see is an armpit stain. Don’t appear to your date, you are trying to hard to look good. Keep it simple, don’t tote a big purse simply tote a clutch. That’s it for your outfit. Lets move on to your hygiene, and why you want to really pay attention to this step. Make sure your hair, nails, breath, and skin are clean. Put your hair in a simple style, nothing to extravagant. Be sure that your hair is shampooed and does not have to an odor. What more could go wrong than hugging someone, and first thing you smell is an bad odor coming from their hair. Nails should be clean, cut and well groomed. Your breath is the biggest one of