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Alfred Thomas
Why Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized Throughout the world a lot of people think marijuana should be legalized. I personally think marijuana shouldn’t be legalized. If they legalize marijuana in New York they’re going to put tax on it. A lot of drug dealers will be upset. Under the controlled substances act of 1970, marijuana is classified as a schedule drug on the basis that it has a high potential for abuse. This means that people who start to use marijuana become hooked and it begins to dominate their lives. Marijuana contains toxins and cancer-inducing chemicals, which are stored in fat cells for long period of time. Scientific research relates that marijuana use damage brain cells and respiratory systems, decrease hormone production in both sexes, acute memory loss, lowers immune systems, and impairs motor skills. Marijuana smoke has been directly linked to miscarriage. Within minutes of taking the first drag, THC enters the blood-stream and gets down to work on a part of the brain called the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the area responsible for memory function. Long-term cigarette smoking is bad for your lungs. Unlike marijuana, there are millions of people who believe that tobacco makes you intoxicated. They also say it lowers your IQ, and makes you slow and stupid. Marijuana also opens the door for the virus that causes kaposis sarcoma. For pregnant moms, it can harm their unborn child by impairing growth and by causing long-lasting neurobehavioral problems. Studies show that chemicals in marijuana cause the body to kick its production of (MDSC’s) into the overdrive. Like the United Nations of the human body, the job of these cells to keep the rest of the immune system in check. They make sure that just enough force is used to fight off infection, but not too much. Researchers and scientists have a difficult time finding a direct correlation between smoking weed and lung cancer. The reason why they had a hard time finding people who smoke marijuana and marijuana only is, because generally weed smokers use tobacco to roll their marijuana in. This is proven to be a leading cause of lung cancer. Marijuana users typically tend to take longer drags and hold the smoke in for an extended period of time before exhaling. Smoking 3-4 joints a day is equal to the same degree of damage to bronchial mucus membranes as 20 or more tobacco cigarettes a day. To those who believe marijuana will stimulate the economy, you are wrong. Any tax revenue will be counteracted by the cost of the industry regulation. Any plant that does not meet these standards is a waste of money in