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How to properly wash hair
Significance: It is important to learn the proper way to wash ones hair in order to reduce damage.
Thesis: Most of us are unaware of the damage we cause our hair when we wash it
Preview: To learn more about the proper way to wash your hair we will look at the steps stylist recommend, and the benefits it gives us.
1. The first step to washing our hair is to make sure it is fully rinsed.
a. Sounds elementary but some apply shampoo to semi dry hair and it doesn’t emulsify or suds up the same. Basically, if we put either shampoo or conditioner to hair that is dry the chemicals won’t fully work.
b. While rinsing our hair, the water should be warm in order to loosen up the oils that our on the scalp. Warm water also helps remove any product buildup that might be trapped in the hair.

2. When you have long hair (below the shoulders) start by conditioning it. For this, we must squeeze out as much water from our hair and then apply conditioner from mid length of hair through the ends. ( we shouldn’t apply conditioner to our scalp because the hair close to the scalp already gets enough nutrients from its natural oils)
a. The water should still be warm to open the cuticles that way the conditioner is able to fill any holes in the cuticle to prevent any further damage to drier hair
b. Leave in the conditioner for a while to help your ends. The longer you leave it the better since the ends are the oldest hair and tend to be the driest. After you have waited a good amount of time rinse off the…