Task To Blow Dry Each Other's Hair

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Task to blow-dry each other’s hair
Aims and objectives-
• Using small/neat sections, and good brush control.
• Remember massage techniques.
• Remember client techniques.
• Use the correct tools, equipment and products for the hair length and type.
Improvement for next session-
• Neater sections.
• Smaller sections.
• Do not rush take your time and perfect.
• Clients are not to do their own hair only the stylist can do this, when you are in a salon you have to complete the service that includes a consultation, wash and blow-dry along with finishing to the style our client would like.
Positives out of the session:
Everyone seemed to be professional; you all worked as a team so good work guys.

I have been informed of some bullying within the group I have suggested that within their course they should do a ante bullying session. How in this particular session I have not seen any bullying. I have also been informed that within the group we have special needs student whom has had a defect with her brain since berth she has help in both theory and practical sessions. Despite her learning difficulties she is very keen to learn and pick up the practical very quick. Their also seems to be a segregation between the older and younger students, maybe would be a good idea to split the students up to get them used to working with different students this also might help sort the bullying out.

Aims and objectives
• Any students whom do not have a client in can practise plaiting.
• Shampooing and blow-drying on client to practice for formative assessment.
• To carry out a full consultation, and get it checked off all in practice for the formative assessment.
• Still need to work on sectioning.
• Not rushing and tacking a bit more time as when you all take more time the finished product is a lot better.
Possibly finding out a video to play of plaiting as the students work I think this would be a massive help to less able students as the will be able to play over and over when they are doing the practical.
I am still observing the group to see how they are together using tasks that split them up from their normal peers.

Aims and objectives-
• Power point of men’s blow-drying.
• Blow-dry and style on a dolly head.
• Complete 104 pro-forma using research styling and finishing products for men’s hair.
• Complete any missing assessments in to your logbooks.
• Be more inventive with the hair you already have think of trending styles at the minute.
• Think about what you are doing to do before you start drying it due to the way you dry it the hair bond dry and if you then go to style it in a different way it will not sit properly just think is the same as blow-drying ladies hair.
There seems to be a slight language barrier between one student due to her English being her second language. And also has very limited reading and writing skills, we will have to see if I can get any support in place, when I use a lot of pictures on the PowerPoint of step by step instructions she seems to work better.
The segregation between the younger student’s seems to have disappeared they seem more open to work with other students. The bullying seems none existent in this session.

Aims and objectives
• Finish off completing unit 104.
• Complete clients for your formative assessment ready for next week when you do your summative assessment.
• Any student without client to style a men’s dolly head.
• The behaviour of the session was not good at all guy, sitting down around clients messing about.
• It was a very messy set up two students at one point doing one clients hair.