How to Relieve Stress Essay

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Article #3: How To Relieve Stress

No need to fear, Dr. Manny Alvarez can actually help you reduce your stress. Yes, he is a doctor, he took hundreds of classes to becoming one too I’m sure he’s been through so much stress himself. He probably took his own word for it and resulted to natural remedies to relieving stress. Winter is right around the corner and the bad weather can definitely be a stressful time for anyone, especially in today’s day and age with problems after problems the average American has a definite increase in stress. This can typically result in negative stress which can eventually lead to high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, anxiety, and depression. Before going the route of plan B by running to the nearest drug store to get a pill, turn right back around and take note on these natural stress reducers. Some in which may be passionflower, a nice massage, meditation, simply exercising, organizing your life a little better, eating healthier, limiting technology use, and of course the best remedy of them all sleeping. Passionflower has been long considered the “folk remedy” for anxiety and insomnia but a recent study indicates that passionflower may be as comparable as a stress reducer because of the increasing levels of GABA resulting in lowering the brain activity making you feel more relaxed. Something that we can all enjoy would be a nice massage by your local masseuse. Well that’s a no- brainer who doesn’t love massages? We typically use massage to relax all of our tense muscles, reduce pain and improve our circulation. Another calming technique to naturally reduce your stress might be just to meditate. Just 15 to 30 minutes a day can dramatically decrease your stress. If you’re the type of person that would rather go out and venture, exercising is another natural stress reducer. Exercising can definitely let off the excess steam and it can also work as getting you ready for your summer body. Something that is also contributed to exercising is of course eating healthy. It has been said that junk food can make someone feel a sense of depression and not to mention fat so it would be nice to clean up your diet. Healthy foods such as whole grains and proteins and improve your mood and also give a burst of energy to help you flow through the day. If you’re thinking coffee might be helpful,