How to Train Your Dog Essay

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How to Train Your Dog
Lizelis Maldonado
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How to Train Your Dog Do you consistently yell at your dog for different things? Explore in depth the main factors that help contribute towards making your canine companion the best. Let it be the last time you yell at your dog “no”, whether if it’s for peeing inside, biting, barking at others, or just simply avoid it all. I. Potty Training Doesn’t Have to be so Difficult
Everyone schedules are different ad changing over time. More time is being spent outdoors, more activities, or just crazy work hours. This is when you realize that taking the indoor potty training approach is the great choice for you. This approach is also used by owners with picky dogs. There are just some dogs who hate going outside in different types of weather, as well as for dogs who are having a particularly hard time being house broken, like puppies.
The first thing you should do is pick a couple areas where your dog can go about and do its business. You can later cut down the areas to one or two but its more convenient while training. Second is to choose between potty pads which are used for puppies but also can be used for older dogs or a potty toilet which is much like the ones used for cats but made with synthetic grass. Third make sure to watch your dog to see where it relieves itself. Be patient! If your dog potties elsewhere let the dog know it did wrong and put it in its cage for reinforcement. Sooner or later it will it will do its business in the right area because the potty pads or potty toilets usually have a smell that the dogs find appealing. When so make sure you always praise your dog and reward it. Doing this repeatedly you’ll have an indoor potty trained dog soon enough. Remember there will always be accidents and using physical contact to punish your dog is never the answer.
Outdoor potty training definitely takes a lot of commitment but it is possible and here’s how. First make sure you develop a food and water schedule. Make sure its everyday ad at the same time. Your dog has to eliminate what goes in and it’s usually at the same time. This gives you an easier way to acknowledge your dog’s needs. Second, always take time to take your dog out after meals and praise it when it goes. This method is usually used when people have the time
To reverse a potty trained dog is actually not as hard as it seems. First make sure a crate or leash is used. This does not allow your dog to wander around the house. Dogs tend not to do its business where they sleep so having them next to their bed is essential. Make sure you walk your dog at any possible time convenient to your schedule of course. Your dog will soon enough get the idea. Teaching your dog every way of potty training is the idea goal which gets you closer to that ideal dog. Never forget to praise and reward! II. Dog Socialization Training is an Important Element
It’s very important to work on socialization when your dog is small but its never too late. We must help our dog’s learn how to adapt to different places, people, and other animals in the correct way. Your dog might be exposed to different situations unexpectedly and if not trained properly your dog can react aggressively or become fearful. Another thing an un-socialized dog does is jump and slobber on people; very annoying.
To obtain a friendly and inviting dog you must first always introduce your dogs to strangers, both dogs and humans, so that your dog won’t become intolerable to them. Second, always find time for your dog and show it love. Without this your dog can become shy or hesitant. Third, when your dog becomes scared, approach the situation by simply show him love and that its okay so that it can feel at ease. Fourth when your dog lunges or charges at another dog make sure you reinforce the leash. Expose your dog to another dog with a head halter and leash for safety. When he is calm and shows non aggressive