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Irene Barrera
English 2
Mr. Pierce
21 February 2014 End Animal Abuse
Have you ever adopted an abused animal? If so have you ever been cruel to an animal?
Well if you have you should know that cruelty to animals is bad. First, there are ways that you can prevent animal abuse. Second, if you train your to be violent and take your “pet” to fight another animal you can also go to jail for that. Finally, animals have reputation not because they are aggressive it’s because they are being trained to be aggressive. The one that should be blamed of animals having a bad reputation is the human. Overall, animal abuse is wrong and it should stop.
Animals have gone through a lot of things that you cannot imagine. For example some animals could have gone through horrible things with their old owner and they suffered a lot throughout the whole time. Maybe that’s why the animals are at the shelter. “There are ways to prevent animal abuse and you only have to follow four steps. Step one you have to evaluate the situation, see if the animal has shelter, if the collar the animal is wearing is too tight, if the animal looks like they do groom the animal. The last way to find out if they are taking care of the animal is if they are starving and if they have parasites.”

(­animal­abuse ). That is how you elevate the situation the next step that we have to do is report the abuse. The third step that we have to do is understand the law because cruelty towards animals is penalized in most of the states. If you have any questions you should investigate because animal abuse is a serious thing because now it is a felony. The last step you need to do is try to prevent animal abuse because now in days people don’t really take care of their animals. “A way to prevent animal abuse is by contributing to your local shelter, where they must deal with these appalling situations regularly or make a group where you can talk about anti­cruelty.”
). Therefore, there are people that don’t report the abuse but I can be because they are using the animal to be aggressive and to fight with other animals.
There are cruel people that do horrible things to the animals. An example is to train them to be aggressive towards other people or animals just to get a profit out of it. The profit that the people get is the money. People don’t report this type of this that happen because they don’t really know that if you have an animal and train it to be aggressive that there are consequences for that because it is a very serious type of abuse. These types of animal fights are cruel because the animal can be losing its life other people not care and let the animal die. “The injuries to these dogs from fighting are either severe, or fatal. They often die of blood loss, shock, dehydration, exhaustion, or infections hours and even days after the fight.”
) this is the type of injuries that the dogs have and some owner don’t do nothing or do clean there infections well. The way that they use to prepare their animal is just have no heart and the worst thing is how they get the animals

“bait”. “Trainers often use other small animals (e.g. rabbits, cats, even small dogs) as bait to train their 'prized fighters'. The dogs used as bait often has their teeth filed down or removed and their ears and tails docked to avoid them being injured during the fight. They sometimes even have their mouths tape shut to avoid them from biting back. These animals are often obtained through stolen pets or 'free to good home' advertisements.”
). It is cruel how the can do that to other animals that didn’t know how to fight back or nothing so they just died.