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Human Resource Management Overview
Claudia Hill
May 4, 2015
Barbrann Ott
Human Resource Management Overview What is Human Resource Management?
Human Resource Management (HRM) this is the function within a company that centers or focuses on the recruitment of management, providing the right direction for those who are employed by the organization. Human Resource Management functions can be performed by the managers. Human Resources Management deals with the operational issues that pertain to the employees such as compensation, (Wage) the hiring process, performance management, the development of the organization, safety issues within an organization, wellness, medical and company benefits, motivation for employees, communication, administration, and the continuing training of employees.
The strategic and comprehensive approach with the human resource management with managing people as well as the culture of the workplace the environment is managed and considered with the human resources management department. When the human resource management department effectively works the result is the employees contribute to the productivity to the entire company and the accomplishments and goals the company has put into place.
The roles the human resource management department is stepping away from the traditional personnel, administrative, the traditional roles are being out sourced; the values of the human resources management department are expected to add value to the strategic unitization of all employees and the programs that impact the measurable ways of the business. The roles the human resources management department also involves strategic direction; it involves metrics and measurement this is used to demonstrate value. The human resource management department counts on management to able to recognize its staff / employees as to what motivates them and then acted upon, this increases productivity of employees within the company. Primary Function of Human Resource Management
One of the functions of the human resource department is the responsibility of the development pf employees the training, the specialized training to prepare the staff for new technology, conferences, also for the development of special groups of managers for global information.
Staffing is a function of HRM of employees, but when breaking down the functions of this department and its management there is three areas-
1. Transitional work this is administrative work, this involves payroll and the handling the employee benefits, like insurance, and the retirement plans in place.
2. 2. Tactical work the development of solutions used to benefit employee work groups this is the resolving employee performance issues that are work group related or conflicts.
3. 3. Strategic work this is basically plans put together or put into alignment the services that are linked to the long term goals of the company.
A big HRM function is concerned with people dimension, the HRM is viewed in one of two ways, it is to support and provide assistance to line employees or those involved in producing organization goods and services. To be more specific the human resource management department is more propose responsible for four basic functions within an office.
1. Staffing
2. Training and Development
3. Motivation
4. Maintenance
The human resource management is made up of four activities
1. Hiring people
2. Preparing people
3. Stimulating
4. Keeping them

The Role of Human Resource Management with an Organizational Strategic Plan
The strategic HR responsibility helps