Human Resources Task 3 Essay

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Christine Marian
Human Resources (JDT) Task 3

Western Governor’s University

A: Explain the benefits of performance appraisal systems within the organization in which you address the following:
1. Present the positive results expected from a well-prepared and well- delivered performance appraisal.
Employer and employees can both gain positive results from performance appraisals. Employees want and need feedback from their supervisors. Employees need to have assessments so they are able to personally improve their job performance. Employees want to see they are being treated fair. By having annual performance assessments employers can assess each employee and measure the quality of work that is performed. Performance appraisals can motivate employees to work harder and meet the company goals as well as personal goals.
As an employer performance appraisals can help measure techniques and show where improvement needs to take place. It is important for employers to keep good documentation of performance appraisals for legal purposes, if an employee is terminated you need to have the documentation to back up your actions. In addition, performance appraisals can justify why you gave an employee a raise or bonus. During these evaluations it is a good time to make sure employees understand expatiations and goals of the company. By giving feedback to the employee they will know what they are doing well and where improvements need to be made as individuals and as a team. During a performance appraisal an employee will be evaluated on current and past performances related to their performance standards. Appraisals help managers to identify problems that may diminish performance. They also help managers make decisions on salary increases and promotions. Performance appraisals allow managers and employees to make a plan together on how to correct deficiencies. This is also a good time for career planning, if an employee wants to take classes to better themselves or get a degree managers can encourage and give support on those goals.
2. Recommend pre-appraisal activities that will ensure the performance appraisal process beneficial to the employee and the company.
Employees should know ahead of time who is going to be the one appraising them and on what basis. Generally immediate supervisors will have the best results by doing the appraisal themselves. Set goals, and be SMART. This stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Set goals with employees that are clear and state the desired results. Employees who receive specific goals usually perform better than those who do not. Assign measurable goals; put goals in quantitative terms, use deadlines and target dates. Next, is attainable assign challenging but doable goals. Make sure goals are realistic. Goals should be relevant and clear about what the managers and company want to achieve. Last, goals need to be timely. Make sure deadlines are clearly set. Encourage participation from employees; let them help set the goals. Generally employees set higher goals for themselves and show better performance when they get to be part of that process.
3. Illustrate what can go wrong when giving feedback to the employee during the delivery of the performance appraisal.
4. Discuss steps that a manager might take when delivering a performance appraisal to ensure the process provides value to the employee and the company.
5. Recommend post-appraisal activities that will ensure the performance appraisal process beneficial to the employee and the company.
6. Discuss the benefits to the company of working with employees to further their career goals. Performance appraisals is a method that companies can use to evaluate the job performance of employees. One of the main objectives for the performance review is to measure and improve the performance of employees, to increase future potential and value to the company. Performance apprasials allow feedback to…