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What Does Each Party Believe?
What Do YOU Believe?

Each of the major political parties has a specific belief on each of the issues listed below. Your assignment is to use the internet or other resources to determine the beliefs of each party. In the appropriate column, write the party’s stance and list the source used to determine it. You must use at least five (5) different sources. In the final column, jot down your beliefs. They may be similar to one of the parties, they may be different than both parties, or they may be a combination of both. This worksheet a pre-writing assignment designed to help you prepare for your final persuasive paper. Each issue is worth 5 points for a total of 50 points.

|Issue |Democrat |Republican |Personal Beliefs |
|Federal Budget | | | |
| |Supports broad tax cuts. Democrats|Favors ‘targeted tax cuts’. The | |
| |tax for money to spend now. It is |Republicans spend now and pay | |
| |called ‘pay as you go’. |later. They borrow money to spend | |
| | |now. ‘Tax and Spend’. | |
| |Source: |Source: |I personally believe that democrat view about federal budget |
| |||is more economic and it is better. |
| |13republicans_v_democrats.htm |13republicans_v_democrats.htm | |
| ||| |
| |ratic_Party_(United_States) |lican_Party_(United_States) | |
|Social Welfare | | | |
| |Seek to restrict and limit social |Favor expansive social welfare | |
| |welfare spending. |programs. |I believe that limit social welfare spending is better for the|
| |Source: |Source: |country than favoring expansive social welfare programs. |
| ||| |
| |13republicans_v_democrats.htm |13republicans_v_democrats.htm | |
|Immigration | | | |
| |Democrats are generally for open |Republicans are generally for | |
| |immigration and letting anyone in.|legal immigration, but want to |I am on the side, which support immigration and go for open |
| |Source: |lower/get rid of illegal