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Human Resource Management

Selecting the right people for the organization?
Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management

This paper highlights the tasks performed by the human resource management in an organization. The past some years have witnessed tremendous advancements in the practice of human resource management, as being the important part of an organization, strategic role of
HRM is to drive organizational performance and responsible to select right people for the company, manage them and maintaining an effective workforce for the growth of an organization. In order to do that human resource management are performing various techniques as well as they are adopting newer ways in order to attract, hunt and hire the new talent for the organization. 2

Human Resource Management
Selecting the right people for the organization?
Recently a report has been published on the website of Forbes which predicted that “In 2014 key skills will be scarce. Software engineering, energy and life sciences, mathematics and analytics,
IT, and other technical skills are in short supply. And unlike prior years, this problem is no longer one of “hiring top people” or “recruiting better than your competition.” Now we need to source and locate operations around the world to find the skills we need. You must expand your sourcing and recruiting to a global level. Locate work where you can best find talent. And build talent networks which attract people around the world” (Josh Bersin Dec 19 2013).

There is always a challenge to find the right person for the job, which fits as per the organization’s need and further to achieve its goals and mission. Around the world companies are struggling with the aging workforce and less loyal employees. Globalization has increased the demand for skilled workforce. The selecting right candidate for the job requires a particular expertise in determining several factors to hire and retain the most qualified incumbent possible.
The task of selecting the right person consists of several processes; such as: job planning, recruitment, compensation, benefits, selection and development. The three broad steps of HRM are: finding, developing and maintaining an effective workforce (Daft 333).
These steps can be explained through the following figure below.
Figure 1:

HR Planning

Choose Recruiting

Select the candidate Want ads






Welcome new employee 3

Human Resource Management

Source: Daft, Richard L. "Managing Human Resources." Management. Tenth ed. N.p.:
SOUTH-WESTERN, n.d. 333. Print.

The first step consists of prediction by HRM, in which he identifies the need of the new employee, based on the availability of the vacancies in the company. The second step consists of contacting candidates through various available sources. Third step is a selection process, those persons were selected which can prove to be potential contributors to the organization. And final step is to welcome the new employee (Daft 332).
Human Resource Planning
By definition we can state that human resource planning is the process of forecasting the current and future needs of human resource in the organization in order to achieve its goals. It basically serves as a bridge between the human resource management and overall strategic plan of an organization. By predicting human resource needs, the organization can prepare itself to face challenges for effectively (Daft 333).
It is the process through which organization publicized for the job opening available with them, in order to attract the suitable candidates. Now days it is also referred as talent acquisition.
Depending on the size of the organization, recruitment may be undertaken in-house as it has