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The Goal of the Human Service Profession The human services department provides multiple services nation wide . Some of these services include social workers who are close working life partners with people in need. These needs can range from financial , medical , family situation , mental status and even rehabilitating the homeless . There are three main types of social workers are child/family , medical and public health and mental health and substance abuse workers.
The goal for a social worker is to take a unique individuals life and counsel the to betterness . For instance if a social worker has a case of substance abuse she must first set goals an create a game plan on how to held this individual . She will then work hand and hand with her patient or client to meet the established goals , better the client in a safe reasonable time. The goal for the social worker is to end her clients drug addiction . Then restart a new life with out drugs. This is a small example of a social workers profession.
` The Main goal in the human services department in my opinion is very simple to take a life and better it . As stated above the social worker needed to take her client of a drug addiction , that was her main goal . To better a life if not save a life . As a human services worker your goal is to help someone weather they have a sick family member or a child that has trouble leaning . There goal is to figure out what the sick family member will need , why is the family member sick , how can you better this persons life . While bringing them to a self sustained level . All of this tied together to me means bettering someone’s life or perhaps a families life ultimately bringing happiness . So some more by the book goals would include “Improving the health, safety and well-being of America.” To me that statement or goal as you would call it covers about everything.
Like I said earlier to take a life and make it better is my ultimate goal . Next we can go into the history of human services . In my opinion the history of human services goes all the way to the begging of time. Another caring for another as human its in most conscious to help someone in need . that’s how we are where we are today . In the late 1800 America slowly started to organize welfare system for the needy. In 1870 the Charity Organization Society movement began. This organization was a revolt against the American welfare system the was broken and was very unorganized . This was a self sustained organization that started to rise in the US for helping people bettering lives. In 1935 the Social Security Act was put into effect . The Social Security Act was by far the most famous and was created by Franklin D. Roosevelt . This act would help elder Americans in retired states , or elders who were not capable of working anymore. Also this act created funding for ”individuals with disabilities , unemployment compensation and aid to dependent mothers and children.” In 1953 the dept of welfare was created by president Dwight D. Eisenhower . Earlier attempts of of human service dept had been attempted by previous presidents but they had failed. Today the American government. and local government. Have multiple programs and resources for the aid of human welfare ranging from treating alcohol abuse to getting a tutor for a adolescent in need. Not only is there government funded organizations but private non profit organization . Some of these organization work around the world helping others in need all working together for the same goal making ones life better. So from our primitive roots to now the human services has taken a huge step in bettering lives and helping solve problems of others.

Next we will talk about the actual practitioner. Most of your practitioners in the human services field work a large variety of issues or problems . We like to call these individuals general practitioners . They might study in a specific field but often