Essay about Human Violence

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Almost a century ago life was a little bit different on this earth. Technology was almost nonexistent and people looked and dressed differently, but one of the most important things that have changed over time was the violent tendencies that we carried back then. People living now are less likely to meet a violent death, or to suffer from violence or cruelty at the hands of others, than people living in any previous century. Today we take a more humane approach to fix any problems that we have and to discipline those who do wrong. Some might wonder how we managed to change our ways instead of continuing with a method of punishment that seemed to be working for that time and era. As our IQ’s have risen and our statures have grown straight and tall, we have learned reason and how to use it with the tasks we face day to day.
With reason comes a reasoner, one might be a teacher or a pastor. These people can have a huge impact on what others believe, do and say. In school you have a teacher and every bit of information they share with you, you believe is true. The head teacher in any kind of religion works the same way. As that one person informs all the others underneath them of what they believe is to be true they warp the minds of others to begin believing in the same statements. As most depend on these “teachers” in life they are able to change the way that other people think by sharing their views with others. This is one way that many people have their views on life changed. Depending on how much schooling and religion a community has can alter how smart they are and also how violent they are. As most communities believe in a God or higher power above them, it helps that most Gods wouldn’t want anyone to bad towards one another. As religion tells people to be kind to others and treat your friends as you would like to be treated in return, this begins to lower the rate of violence between people. If everyone is being nice to each other there is no reason for violent tendencies.
Although I personally have noticed a decrease in violence in some adults, I have also seen a slight increase in child violence in just the past couple of years. It is not up to the other children in schools and our society to teach our children what is right and what is wrong. The situations that kids face from day to day should have a solution that is that is taught by the parents of each child. It is up to us as a community to teach our children right from wrong and to make sure we keep up with the decreasing violence in the world and not to have a sudden turn around. With all of the new action packed movies and video games where you walk around the city and blow people’s heads off with guns, doesn’t make it easy to tell a kid that the bad guy isn’t cool. If we could all teach our own children the right ways to handle their situations in life, then there is hope for our future generations were they might not be twice as violent as we are today.
Over the years as we have descended from ape- like primates, using violence as a way to get food for survival and to show dominance in your home land we have also grown out of those animalistic ways, we have since evolved into smarter humans that can rationalize our situations. Even though we have these new abilities to think rationally does not mean that everyone follows in these footsteps. We do however try our hardest to get people to look into our ways of thinking and to change their minds as much as possible to make our world a better and safer place to live. There are still some out there that no matter what you do or say to them you just cannot change their