Hunger Games Essay

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In every situation in life someone has to take the initiative. Whether its fact or fiction in any world there is a leader, you may have King or Queen, President or in some countries a dictator. In the myth of Theseus and Minotaur, Theseus was the brave soul that felt as if something had to change in Athens. In the Hunger Games, Katniss sacrificed herself instead of her little sister being sent to fight. In the essay I will compare the many similarities between Theseus and Katniss. Katniss comes from District 12 where her mother her younger sister and herself all live and struggle since her pastor has passed away. Before her father passed away he taught her how to hunt and that has become a skill that she has mastered. Theseus is similar to Katniss who was born into the Royalty because his father is the King of Athens. Both of these teenager have been trained for the events that they are about to partake in. They both have a set of skills that the average “Tributes” lack. These set of skills will help them more than they think in the beginning. During their battles they both had and unexpected love interest. Katniss love interest was her partner from her district, Peeta. Theseus love interest was Ariadne. Both Peeta and Ariadne after the games were over got left behind because back home both tributes already had lovers that they were already involved with. Peeta and Ariadne both had no choice but to understand the circumstance because feelings weren’t meant to develop. Ariadne was later married to someone else. Peeta understood that Katniss had a boyfriend back home so he was fine with being friends. Theseus and Katniss both have no problem taking initiative when they see fit that a change is needed. They both have great leadership skills. During the District 12 choosing portion, Katniss’s younger sister was chosen to go and fight in the Hunger Games. Instead of her letter her siblings go ahead, she stopped and volunteered herself instead. Knowing that it is a possibility that she may not come home she did not care she just did not want that for her