Illegal Immigration Essay

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Illegal Immigration Solution: Enforcement An issue has come up in the United States of illegal immigration. These illegal immigrants, or aliens, have been crossing our border with too much ease for the situation. A possible solution to this problem is to enforce our current laws a little better. Our illegal alien laws are there, but not enforced too much. Once people are over the border, they stay. As this solution hopes to do, we could crack down on employers and employees for working illegally. On top of that, we would be finding anyone who is taking jobs, money, etc. Unfortunately, the solution is not as simple as that. With these laws enforced so strongly, we lose 5% of our work-force. Personally, I don’t think that illegal immigration is as much of a problem as we make it out to be. If they get hired over Americans, they have better qualifications. Is that not fair? I believe that we should enforce the laws, but we should approach them differently. Illegal immigrants deserve a fair shot, when they are caught they should be given a chance for citizenship. If they fail to seize their opportunity, we can go on with the law. Don Hunter, MS, Sheriff of Collier County, Florida has been quoted as this, "...Importantly though, it should not be necessary to physically arrest and remove each of these illegally present foreign nationals if attrition through worksite enforcement is permitted to function as it should”
Don Hunter believes that not all illegal aliens should be arrested. I believe that not all illegal aliens should even be punished. Tested yes, but punishment is not necessary. Who knows what these immigrants were faced with in their home country?