Immigration Policy

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An immigration policy is any policy of a state that agree about the transit of individual across its border into the country, especially those individual expect to work and stay in the country. Immigration policy can choice from allowing no migration at all to allowing most types of migration, this type is call free immigration system. Immigrant is a person who have has a citizenship in one country and enters a different country to establish a permanent residence. However, there are two types of immigrant such as legal immigrant and illegal immigrant. A legal immigrant is a person who has entered a country different from where his/her have nationality with the determination to stay permanent residence in the new country. In this case, they …show more content…
Those children doesn’t have no parent or sponsor in the United States. They was custody and charged according to the U.S immigration laws and placed them on deportation process. According to the government the can stay in the United States if they have someone or a family member to support them and continue to contest about the deportation process. “In 2014 approximately 60,000 children under the age of eighteen were apprehended at or near the U.S border and turned over to federal custody” (Chen and Gill).The government propose the U.S border patrol to became more associate with children immigrants and understand the immigration system. In the other hand, there was a lot of argument about those children who was arrested in the border such as who they are, and what they been doing in their country .And living in the country can be a problem for them because the domiciliary can used them to do anything. “These factor include; Social, household, and trafficking; and homosexuals” (Chen and Gill).The government supported those children to stay in the U.S such as opportunity to have legal status in the, shelter, food, health and legal service. The organization and legal service who was support those received money from the government” In September 2014 the Doj announced an award of $ 1.8 million in grant to help certain legal aid organization expand their representation of released Undocumented Authorize children . The following month ORR announced an award of approximately $ 4 million in funding to support limited post release legal and Child advocate services.” This process is opposite of what all of the government in the United States been indorse, all of the debate about immigration is to stop people cross the U.S border illegal. Now they support people who cross the border to the United States