Immigration Policy Essay

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There will be a limit of 250,000 visas distributed. 10,000 people will be admitted for sports, science, political and arts purposes. 90,000 will be admitted with educational purposes whether it is for post-graduate, graduate and high school. No children under the age of 16 for educational purposes. The next 100,000 can buy their citizenship with extensive background checks and probationary period for five years (see third paragraphs for probation violations). The cost of a citizenship is $20,000 per adult, $30,000 for a married couple, and $5000 per child under the age of 16. Children’s fee can be waived if they meet the criteria of the student visa. The remaining 50,000 will be determined by lottery, but the only way to enter the lottery is to have a valid reason to enter the country (such as family or job). They will also have to pass an extensive background check and have a five year probationary period. There will also be a sanctuary lottery for 50,000 people if there is great need for political asylum. All prospective citizens will be determined by a special division of the Homeland Security Department.

The Students will have access to government financial aid if they retain a 3.2 grade point average. Students whose GPA falls below a 3.2 are put on a 2 term probationary period if after those 2 terms their GPA does not return to a 3.2 or above all financial aid ends. He can apply for loans or choose to go back home. They also must do internships in the fields they are studying for free, for government organizations. They will also be first in line for a green card after their graduate studies are finished. Immigrants coming for political asylum will be provided with section 8 housing and food stamps as well as free classes to earn at least a GED that way in 3 years they can get their own job. They will also have access to employment agencies that will help find a job for a 15% of the paycheck. After the 3 years the government monies stop and they are either given the option to go back home or tough it out here with no financial aid.

The illegal immigrants here will be given the opportunity to enter the lottery after an extensive background check. If they are selected they