Immigration Reform Research Paper

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Immigration Reform is obviously a big issue in America today. I mean everywhere you go; you either see something about or read about it. There is no exact number as to how many illegal immigrants cross the border, but it is estimated to be around 11 to 12 million. This has become a major political and social issue because of the continued flow of illegal immigrants. There is nothing really around that will stop this problem. Nothing has really been done, I mean there are borders and all, but who watches the borders to stop the immigration and even so there is no one there to protect the people who are there trying to prevent it. Anything can happen to the people who are watching the borders such as being shot at and things of the nature, …show more content…
Granted there should be a waiting period, but thirteen years is a little too much it should be something like five years or so. I have no other issues with this part of the proposal except for the part about how the illegal immigrants would have to pay a $5,000 fine for entering the country illegally. They should be punished for their actions but the whole reason they came to this country was to make money and to live a better life. How does one expect them to be able to pay a $5,000 fine? For regular, normal middle class people that would probably even be a problem so how would the illegal immigrant be able to do it?
The temporary or guest worker program is definitely the best idea of the whole proposal, in my opinion. It is completely fair and gives immigrants the opportunity to work for equal pay and to come over legally. It will help them support their family back home, and who knows maybe during those two-year periods they would begin to apply for permanent citizenship. I feel it is unfair that illegal immigrants work harder for less money than Americans do, just because they are illegal. I am a firm believer that everyone should be treated fairly and equally. This section of the legislation is giving them a chance to live a better life and work to support their family.
Overall, I feel that this is a good start to achieving what we want to be done. This proposal should help increase our efforts to controlling the border and the