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Immigration / AB 540
By: Liz Angeles

Why did I choose this topic?

I chose this topic because most of my family members cause to the US as mojados, which is another name for immigrants.

I also wanted to learn more about this topic and as well as AB 540.

This topic has influenced me most of the time because some of my cousins who didn’t have any papers have succeded in life. They’ve became what they’ve always wanted to be in life.

One of my cousins that wasn’t a US citizen , when she graduated from HS she didn’t have any papers and couldn’t apply at a job because they asked for her social security. She struggled for about 5 years, but now shes finally going to college and working to be what she wants to be.


immigration is when people migrate to another country or region.

Its an issue because

Its illegal crossing.

People stay more time than they are supposed to stay.

Drug moving

Identity thief

Immigration on false visas.

takes place when a Mexican crosses the border. And when a US citizen may deport him/her.

It still happens now because many Mexicans cross the border for success.

Many people fight for immigrant rights.

For example “Dream Act” , (permanent residency to certain immigrants with good moral.)

what started it was that so many students needed help with school and without the help they wouldn’t have a way to continue with their study once they would be out of high school.


AB 540, is a way undocumented students can achieve a college education.

Its an issue because a student that hasn’t completed high school or reached the requirements for an AB 540 Student wont get accepted.

It takes place all over the world & it affects undocumented students and who come here around their freshman year.

They only passed a work permit but now they are trying to pass a law for legalization. 

It started because students wanted to apply to college, but knowing how college is expensive & this helps those undocumented students pay it off.


Have more organizations to help out