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Losing Your Senses
Since I have been exposed to a tremendous amount of anti-sense radiation, I have to make a choice of which sense what I rather save instead of the other ones. These senses are sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, balance and Kinetic sense. The human body can live without any senses but it will be difficult
One of the senses is sight. Sight is the ability to see. In my opinion I think this is an important sense because with seeing things you can get information. For example, to see how far away a candle is or to judge the depth or distance of water or even to see faces and recognize things. If you don't have site it will be very hard to tell anyone of these things.
Another sense is hearing. Hearing is the ability to hear things. Hearing is very important ability to have because you are able to tell if someone is behind you, in front of you, or on your side. You are also able to tell how far someone is if there voice Echoes or if they are screaming. Also you are able to tell the way they talk by their emphasis of the voice or the pitch of the voice this is a important sense and you wouldn't be able to hear if you didn't have it. The third sense is smell. The ability to smell is to capture the scent of anything. The sense to smell is one of the closest sense linked to memory, also the instincts of hunger and emotion. Smell is used a lot in our lives and we don't notice it, but it is not that big of a necessity. We smell food, plastic, wood, fire and the greatness of that air. Also smelling food give people an appetite to eat certain foods. Without smell we would be able to do many of these things. This is also an important sense that we could have in our daily lives
The fourth sense is to taste. The sense to taste is to feel the flavor of food. Taste is not that big of an importance just because the other is more of a necessity. The sense of taste is based on what is good for storing fat. Without taste you wouldn't be able to feel the flavor of sweet, salty, oily flavors. In my opinion I don't think I would choose to save this sense over the other ones.
The fifth sense is touch. Touch is a important sense because it gives you the feeling of the way things feel The sense of touch is a process because as nerve pulses have to travel from the skin to the spine, that up to the brain which is why we get reflexes if we touch something that is really hot. The sense to touch measures temperature, pain and pressure. This is very important sense we would be very uncomfortable without it.
The sixth sense is the sense to