Essay on Improve and Reflective Practice

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Assignment 302
The principles of personal development in adult health and social care
Task A
What is reflective practice?
Reflective practice is thinking back over an event or incident afterwards and critically evaluating your decisions and actions. Making adjustments to the way we perform if needed. Understanding that in any situation there is always something we could have done differently, this does not necessarily mean that the event could have been handled better however.
Task B
Why is reflective practice important?
Reflective practice is important as it allows us to build on our strengths and identify our weaknesses. In doing this we can develop ourselves further and in turn this will reflect on the support we give to our colleagues’ and service users. Also by assessing our actions and judgements we can gain more knowledge and be receptive to different strategies or approaches. Overlooking an event afterwards and questioning yourself not as a criticism but in a way to develop yourself further.

Task c
How reflective practice contributes to improving the quality of service provision.
When you continually reflect on the way you perform, you are assessing the areas where you can improve. Looking at how you can do something better or differently can only benefit the standard of service provided and to us as individuals. In addressing at how we can allow ourselves to grow and offer an enhanced service that we can openly reflect on, actually allows the