Improve and Student Date Essay

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TO: Emily, Professor

FROM: Cody, Student

DATE: February 15, 2007

SUBJECT: Memorandum 3


I have collected most of my data from going to the places of interest, talking to the people there, and reading books about the issues I am working to improve on. The data is coming together in a way that introduces the problem that I believe could be improved to enhance the workplace. Then it goes on to explain some about the problem then the solutions we can do to improve the workplace. After the solutions I talk about some of the benefits of the changes.

Goals Met

I have gone to the fixed base operator (FBO) at Purdue University’s airport (Lafayette Aviation). While I was there I talked with several of the flight instructors about things that would make their instructing more effective that they are currently missing or would like to have. The layout of some of the offices is kind of sporadic in the building. Several flight instructors have to share a space on one side of the building, while some more senior instructors have offices to teach in on the other. I have been fortunate to be able to fly a few trips to other bases recently and that allowed me to see their layouts and equipment they use. Some of those still use just board and marker, while a couple use projects with PowerPoint.


A problem I am having is with the overall length. I think I will be able to improve the length by looking for new avenues of improvement and adding those in the