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Inclusive teaching and learning

Organisations working within the learning and skills sector face increasing challenges as the UK becomes more diverse and multicultural. Differences are an asset and a diverse learner body and workforce enrich an organisation. However, misunderstandings, negative attitudes, or a lack of awareness, understanding and effective communication can all lead to segregation and underachievement. The aim of this CPD builder is to raise awareness of the inclusion challenges in organisations, and provide ways of meeting those challenges. You might like to use the Small steps - big difference tool to help you identify the challenges most relevant to you.
In this CPD builder you will find a wide range
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You could: devise a Supported experiment using the downloadable guidance notes and form find out more about Action research and how it can contribute to your professional development investigate Peer observation or Teaching squares as ways of working with colleagues to develop your practice.

Institute for Learning website
For more information about your CPD and the professional registration requirements for teachers in the learning and skills sector, visit the Institute for Learning website at You may also want to explore: the different types of CPD activities you could undertake and how the CPD builder can contribute to your professional development plan how you can use the Institute for Learning tool REfLECT to record your activities and reflections in your personal learning space.

Support from LSIS's Teaching and Learning Programme
Subject Learning Coaches (SLCs) and Advanced Learning Coaches (ALCs) supporting coaching activities play a central role in LSIS's Teaching and Learning Programme. They support individuals, teams and organisations to release their potential. Find out who the SLCs and ALCs are in your organisation and ask how they can help.
Coaching has been shown to have a positive and lasting impact on practice. Find out more about the Professional Training Programme (PTP) for SLCs at

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Coaches participate in regional Subject Coaching Networks and other peer and