Indian French War Essays

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economic: Prior to the French and Indian war, the colonists taxed themselves within their own townships and local government. However, the British sent their men and money over to defend the colonists, so the British felt it was only right that the colonist be taxed to pay part of the bill. Additionally, the economic issue caused the British people to become resentful of the colonists because they had to pay the price of the war but the colonists did not. The British Parliament passed laws designed to tax the colonists. The issue of economics lead into the political problems and ideology revolutions that came about after the French and Indian War.

Ideological: A basic thing to remember about this is the famous phrase "No taxation without representation." The colonists did not want to be taxed without representation. This lit the fire of revolt and started the wheels turning for independence. Additionally, after the French and Indian War, the colonists felt that they had rights to the newly gained territory. Yet, the British government did not want the colonists to settle the area because of clashing with indian tribes, but the colonists felt that they were being deprived of their rights. This lead to conflicts and the colonists resented the British and began a push for representation. However, the British felt that the colonists were represented. This leads to the political issue.

politically: Virtual representation was the crowns defense for not having any colonist in