Essay on Industrial Revolution

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Imagine being child working in a factory without getting an education just so you can help your family and gain money or imagine being a regular person working in the poorest of conditions impacting your health. This is the way people's lives were during the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution impacted many people, many children as well. But aside from all the hardships the workers faced, the Industrial Revolution was a gradual process by which machines replaced hand tools. This helped many companies and other types of businesses but it did not help the people who actually made them. The Industrial Revolution impacted workers and increased and supported the use of child labor. Children who worked in factories never earned the proper education, money, nor health benefits they deserved due to the poor conditions they worked in in factories. Children worked the same hours as adults did and only had one period of forty minutes in the sixteen hours they worked. To maintain themselves awake and attentive, they were constantly strapped. Children as young of seven years old worked in factories. Small children were useful in factories because they were able to squeeze around the large machines and change spindles. People now frown upon child labor, but back then most children worked instead of going to school because that's where people believed children belonged. Although many people believed they should be receiving an education instead of working, few people spoke up to defend them. Unlike those people, a woman named Mary Harris Jones, also known as Mother Jones, was opposed to child labor and spoke up about it. She was both a saint and a soldier. Mother Jones fought for what she believed in without giving a care for the outcome nor would consequences result in for her actions. Jones took a stand and protested for all working children to help people realize children belong in schools and not in factories. She devoted much of her adult life to the cause of workers. Mother Jones called the attention to such abuses and improved pave the way for reform. In spite of all, Mother Jones was an important and valuable part to put an end to child labor. If the Industrial Revolution hadn't become a massive circumstance, people may have never realized where children belong. Employees in factories worked in very deprived work