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During the 1700 the industrial revolution began. The industrial revolution was a time in life when we went from creating products by hand to creating products in factories using machines. Yes this may sound great, but tending to the machine still requires hard labor that all men, women, and children had to go through. The Industrial Revolution was a curse. It caused harsh working conditions, rapid urbanization, and a mass increase in the population. The working conditions were dreadful. Based on document 5 people had to work long hours with little pay. The factories temperature was usually 80 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. The workers weren’t allowed to send for water to drink. Who would ever want to be locked up for 14 hours a day working non-stop? Children were abused. According to document 9 children were beaten and sometimes chained up. No child should have to live their childhood working for hours every day. During the industrial revolution population increased tremendously. According to the chart in document 3 the population went up by approximately 30 million people. According to the chart, the amount of people living in town went up from 13% to 87%. Cities are now over crowed. You may say this is a good thing because people are beginning to live longer, but the living conditions are terrible. There was a rapid urbanization during the Industrial Revolution. According to document 1 people left their communities, and lost the meaning of a community. When people