Industrial Revolution Essay

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Midterm Essay I chose to do this essay on whether or not the social and technological changes of the industrial revolution were beneficial or harmful for workers. I believe they were more harmful for workers than beneficial. Below I will list and explain several points backing my argument like pollution, working conditions, and overall cleanliness.
Back in the old days when people worked for themselves and not corporations, times were a lot easier. Yes, transportation of goods from town to town was not as smooth as it is now but they managed. The drastic upstart of numerous factories across the country caused citizens to change with the times or get left behind. At first, it was just a matter of whether or not you wanted to succumb to the changing landscape of the industrial revolution. And then, as time progressed, it had become more about survival. Factories could mass produce certain products that you had been making your entire life in a fraction of the time it would take an experienced craftsman. Everything from textiles to furniture to household items could be made in hours instead of days. These factories sprang up so fast that many of the owners failed to stop and think about anything else other than making money. One of the biggest issues they had were terrible working conditions. It was hot, small confined spaces with little or no ventilation, long hours, horrific pay, no vacation or guarantee of job security. Before factories, none of these issues ever…