Essay about Infancy and Early Childhood Development

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Infancy and Early Childhood Development
Cynthia Miranda
PSY 375
July 2, 2012
Dr. Aneta Bhojwani

Infancy and Early Childhood Development Every human being begins developing in one way or another, from the moment they come into this world. Development and all its aspects begin in infancy and continue throughout one’s entire lifetime. It is a common belief that infants and young children are influenced by the environment that surrounds them. Cognitive and social aspects of development are shaped and molded at an early age, as well as language, speech, perception, and motor skills. A young child’s life is influenced by parents and family members, which is why they have a significant impact on the child’s development. When a
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As a result of this freedom the child may grow up to have a little sense of responsibility. The permissive style of parenting is quite the complete opposite of the authoritarian approach. The uninvolved parenting style is fairly self-explanatory and is similar to the permissive parenting style. Parents who subscribe to this parenting style, tend to not have an interest in their child’s development and growth. The consequences of uninvolved parenting are similar to that of permissive parenting (Livestrong, 2010). Under the authoritative style, parents take on characteristics of both a permissive and authoritarian style. While authoritative parents set rules for the child, they also try to guide the child in the right direction while giving him or her enough freedom to make decisions and individual choices based on what the parents have taught them. A child reared in an authoritative atmosphere often develops a good sense of responsibility and self-reliance, and are often said to be at a developmental advantage compared to children raised in a permissive, uninvolved, or authoritarian atmosphere (Livestrong, 2010). The authoritative parenting style seems to have the most positive advantages in comparison to the other three parenting styles. The authoritative parenting style has less negative influences on the child’s growth and